Plumbing Services for General Contractors

People just naturally assume that dogs would be incapable of working together on some sort of construction project. But, what about just a big field full of holes?”

- Jack HandeyDeep Thoughts (SNL)

General contractors, you probably don’t want to build a big field full of holes, right?

We know how hard it is to keep construction jobs on time and on budget. Rimrock Plumbing Is willing to work together with you on construction projects.

We understand how much you need professional and reliable subcontractors, like plumbers, to make that happen. Subcontractors, and their work with each other, can make your job much better or worse, more or less profitable, and increase or decrease the risk of safety or rule violations on your job site.

At Rimrock Plumbing, we take teamwork just as seriously as we take plumbing.

Our commercial and residential plumbing services for general contractors include:

  • On-time arrival: We come when you schedule us and complete our tasks. You won’t have project delays due to our plumbing team.
  • Staying on schedule: We keep you on schedule and stay on the job until our work is completed. We don’t “make an appearance” and then disappear until you call us again.
  • Responsibility and strong work ethic: Rimrock Plumbing is a small company with two master plumbers and one journeyman plumber. We all have a vested interest in establishing long-term relationships with our contractor clients.
  • Experience: Each of our plumbers has more than 10 years of experience in plumbing, both commercial and residential.
  • Professional: Our plumbers have excellent customer service skills. You never have to worry about one of our plumbers reflecting poorly on your business with your customers.
  • Timely bidding: All of our bids are completed in a timely manner so you can get bids to your customer.
  • Timely paperwork: Change orders and other paperwork is completed as needed and on time.
  • Responsive: We usually return calls within minutes, but we will always return your call the same day.
  • Teamwork: We know that our plumbing work affects others. We try our best to anticipate potential problems and bring them to your attention so they do not end up costing you money.
  • Cooperation: Our team works well with other subcontractors on the job, ensuring a hassle-free job site that is productive and profitable.
  • Excellent equipment: Our tools and equipment are in excellent condition.
  • Safe: We comply with both the OSHA regulations and your company’s safety rules.
  • Tobacco-free work environment: None of our employees use tobacco.
  • Specialized commercial plumbing services: Small to mid-sized commercial remodels, additions and new construction, including efficient and economical installation of large diameter (1 1/2″ to 6″) gas and water piping.

Call or text Rimrock Plumbing Owner & Master Plumber Bill Manske at (406) 855-7131 or email to discuss your next project.